HP printer is not printing

Reasons why your HP Printer is not Printing

The most dependable printers are hp printers. If you work with hp printers, you should know a few tricks on how to debug common printing problems.This will ensure that your work should not be interrupted unless some big problems that need the attention of technician.if you want to know why hp printer does not print, debug, and fix problems. the following are some reasons why your hp printers are not printing.

Printer driver issues

The most printers users hardly update apps on their pcs and this can be one of the reasons why your hp printer is printing? if your hp printers are facing problems so it is necessary to check software and apps on your computer are updated.

for example,if you are using an outdated printer drive. if this is the case so for fixing the problem you need to get the latest version of the app.the printer drive you are using should not be supported by your operating system and if you can not get the latest version of the drivers on you’ve updated, but the problem persiss so it is essential to contact the printer care support for your help. If the problem is connected to malware or incompatible software and it is critical tleave his work to he experts.