Canon printer not responding

The problem of not responding for canon printer arise from computer driver, ports, etc.The printer will not respond when the computer is not able to communicate property.or if you are using wrong part or drivers.

Do basic troubleshooting.

First of all, connections should be properly checked and connected.If we are using USB then it should be proper for proper working. connected.Problem may also arise due ti faulty USB so change the USB and check its working .you can also use new cable for proper working.

Network printer

For network printer, you need to check the network connection status.


If you have windows 10 then click on printer and you will get option run the troubleshooter click on it.If your canon printer is not responding after toubleshooting then go to next step

Restart the Print spooler.

For Restanding the print spooler open run box and type service mac search for print spooler and restart it and after that check your printer coorking. 

Configure new port for your printer.

If you are using wrong port of your printer then due to this you canon printer may not respond. To change the setting printer port.